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Close Your Legs, Honey: A New Musical, produced by PHIT Comedy

Co-author and lead

 Parke...created a deep, loveable and pained character in Honey.

"the songs are catchy, the comedy is topical and the audience gets to root for a character with depth and potential"

 Hannah Parke as Honey rocked the whole show with great energy and dedication. She made us want her to win

Zuzz The Alien at Act II Playhouse

"Parke is energetic and playful...Her energy is boundless and is contagious"

"Describing herself as an actor, singer, dancer and playwright, Parke is no stranger to appearing in other shows or even writing her own."

Moth at Azuka Theatre Company

"The two young actors here, Hannah Parke and Nicholas Scheppard, commit fully to the scale of the story and the quirkiness of Claryssa and Sebastian, and they give bold, accomplished performances."

"Parke and Scheppard...give deeply committed, frighteningly genuine performances." 


Height: 5"6   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Light Brown

 Commercial Acting Reel